Working efficiently thanks to automation

Automated communication is a must for a company of this size. Flexmail is used not only externally but also internally for G4S’s email communication. For instance, Flexmail provides the ability in-house to send out staff surveys, e-newsletters and other notices. “Externally, we use Flexmail to send commercial mailings such as customer satisfaction surveys, invitations for events, newsletters and e-cards for Christmas and New Year,” says marketing and communication manager Alain D’Haese.

Database updated via a high-performance CRM link

G4S uses the Salesforce CRM system to monitor and track customers. “The system needs to be up to date if the company is to work efficiently. Most email marketing platforms provide you with reports on the figures for your email campaign. But there’s a huge amount of work involved to enter these figures into your CRM system manually. So we were looking for a platform capable of doing the updates automatically.” And thanks to the link between Flexmail and the Salesforce CRM system, the database cleaning is also automatic.
“We send out about 100,000 emails every year. The connection between both systems ensures that we can communicate more efficiently and follow up on leads better,” explains Alain. “Sending out your campaign is one thing, but in the end, analysing click patterns and using them to take the next steps is what it’s all about.”
Alain D’Haese
Head of Venues Artexis Benelux

Targeted campaigns

Because the G4S database is kept up to date automatically, this information can be used to send out targeted campaigns. “Incorrect email addresses are amended immediately, so we do not send out any unnecessary messages to our contacts, which definitely adds value.”