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Flexmail - Targeted and personalized email marketing.

Building engagement and conversions with your audience can be complex, but the tools to manage that shouldn't be. Flexmail is intuitive and grows with your strategy. And set-up takes days, not months, which means less training for your team and faster results overall.

More conversions

The days of sending bulk emails are long gone. With Flexmail, you set up hyper-personalized campaigns for every audience. Get visual insight into your different audiences and the behavior of your contacts.

Advanced automation

Email is neither the first nor the last touch point in your contact's lifecycle. Create complex scenarios quickly and easily to provide your contacts at crucial moments with the perfect message.

Team of experts

Flexmail is more than just a platform. Working FOR you means working together. Our platform has been built on the questions and ideas of our customers, and our support and experts are always at your service.

Our customers, their stories

20 June 2017
New website
We're very proud to announce our new website. A huge part is the new pricing with our biggest change: subscriptions. The entire team has been hammering away to get it done and are even working - as you are reading this -  on new improvements .

Have fun exploring !

2 June 2017
Move to Genk

Finally, the second of june has arrived. Our Movingday. 
We moved from our office in Hasselt to our brand new place in Genk. We will be working and supporting all of you from Jaarbeurslaan 29 in Genk.
Only our address has changed, our support and service stays top notch.

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