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Promoting events via Flexmail

During this practical training course, you will learn how to spotlight your events with the help of the Flexmail features. We will show you how to convert as many contacts as possible into participants and how to ensure maximum follow-up.

Aside from a strategic part with numerous practical examples, course participants will be given plenty of time to practise the knowledge and strategies they acquired.
Training content
  • The anatomy of a perfect invitation
  • Creating e-mail invitations in the Smart Builder
  • What does a good registration form look like?
  • Creating and producing forms
  • Practical exercise: creating your own invitation with registration form
  • Creating satisfaction surveys to evaluate your event
  • Practical exercise: creating a survey
  • Ensuring the correct follow-up for new participants with the help of marketing automation
  • Setting up reminder campaigns for contacts who may have forgotten to register
  • Practical exercise: developing a workflow for your event
Who has this training course been designed for?
For marketeers with a basic knowledge of the Flexmail functionalities who want to learn how to use the features to optimise preparations, the events themselves and the follow-up of their events. To check whether this training course ties in with participants’ current level of knowledge and will actually be of benefit to them, we invariably enquire about their individual expectations well in advance of the course.
The cost of this training course is € 700.00 (excl. VAT).

  • You will know what a convincing invitation should look like
  • You will be adept at creating your own invitations in the Smart Builder
  • You will have no issues creating your own registration forms
  • You will know how to set automatic reminders for contacts who may have forgotten to register
  • You will be able to send out a confirmation e-mail as soon as a new registration comes in
  • You will know how to trigger an automatic reminder just before the event to prevent no-shows
  • You will be in a position to evaluate your event on the basis of a targeted satisfaction survey in your workflow