Flexmail trainings

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Basic practical training

How to launch my very first campaign in Flexmail?

This basic Flexmail course will teach you who to manage your own contact lists, how to create e-mail messages and how to launch and evaluate e-mail campaigns. The purpose of this practical training course is to ensure that you can get to work with Flexmail straight away and efficiently at that! In addition, our consultants will set plenty of time aside to deal with any questions and needs that are specific to your situation.

The many practical examples ensure that course participants will leave the course knowing how to use the most essential Flexmail features and with all the tools they need to launch successful e-mail campaigns.
Training content
  • Uploading and managing contacts
  • Segmenting contacts by specific target groups
  • Practical exercise: importing contacts
  • Creating opt-in forms for your website
  • Managing opt-outs with the help of blacklists
  • What does an effective e-mail message look like?
  • Creating e-mail messages with the Smart Builder and Wizard
  • Personalising e-mail messages with contact details
  • Practical exercise: creating an e-mail message
  • Setting up and planning e-mail campaigns, step by step
  • Practical exercise: launching an e-mail campaign
  • Interpreting campaign results, lists and contacts
Who has this training course been designed for?
For new Flexmail users who want to master the basic techniques of the Flexmail platform via practical exercises. To check whether this training course ties in with participants’ current level of knowledge and will actually be of benefit to them, we invariably enquire about their individual expectations well in advance of the course.

Practical training details
  • Duration of the training: 3 hours
  • In view of the numerous practical exercises in this training course, course participants are asked to bring their own laptop.
  • Prior to the session, we will organise a brief intake call to discuss your personal expectations.
The cost of this training course is € 700.00 (excl. VAT).

  • You will be thoroughly familiar with the basic Flexmail functionalities
  • You will know how to efficiently manage contacts in your Flexmail account
  • You will be able to create e-mail messages with the Smart Builder and Wizard
  • You will know what elements an efficient e-mail message consists of
  • You will know how to create and schedule campaigns
  • You will have a good idea of the aspects that contribute to an optimum campaign result
  • You will be well able to read a Flexmail report and interpret your campaign results