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Launching effective e-mail campaigns

This strategic training course will teach you who to look at e-mail design in a new light. During an inspiring session, we take an in-depth look at the elements that make for an effective e-mail campaign.

Via examples, you will discover what eye-catchers are worth implementing in your e-mail message so that you get to maximise the impact of your e-mail campaign in your contacts’ inbox. In addition, course participants will be given the opportunity to put the knowledge they have acquired into practice.

Our consultants will set ample time aside to evaluate your strategy, results and messages so that course participants leave the course with concrete action points that can be implemented straight away.
Training content
  • Developing an effective e-mail marketing plan
  • Harvesting new contacts via a convincing opt-in scenario?
  • Segmenting contacts by specific target groups on the basis of contact information, interest categories and preferences
  • How to build up a relationship with your contacts?
  • How to structure messages?
  • What are the conversion killers in e-mail messages?
  • Practical exercise: creating an e-mail message in line with best practices
  • The anatomy of a successful e-mail campaign
  • Brainstorming session: to what extent does your strategy tick all the boxes on our checklist?
Who has this training course been designed for?
For marketeers with a basic knowledge of the Flexmail functionalities who wish to optimise their own messages, campaigns and results. To check whether this training course ties in with participants’ current level of knowledge and will actually be of benefit to them, we invariably enquire about their individual expectations well in advance of the course.

The cost of this training course is € 600.00 (excl. VAT).

  • You will know what a successful opt-in scenario looks like
  • You will be able to develop a strategy that includes various types of e-mail communication
  • You will know how to segment your contacts by target groups, interest categories and preferences
  • You will know what elements make for an efficient e-mail message
  • You will be able to optimise elements such as content and calls to action to maximise results
  • You will have a good idea of the aspects that contribute to optimum campaign results