Flexmail trainings

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Learning to work with Flexmail

During this technical training course, you get to familiarise yourself with all the basic Flexmail functionalities, step by step. You will go home with a clear overview of all the possibilities the Flexmail platform has to offer.

While the basic practical course takes a closer look at the elementary features via practical exercises, its technical counterpart will give you a broad overview of all the Flexmail platform features. This will equip you with the technical knowledge you need to develop a comprehensive e-mail marketing strategy.
  • Uploading and managing contacts
  • Segmenting contacts by specific target groups
  • Creating opt-in forms for your website
  • Opt-outs with the help of blacklists
  • Creating interest categories on the basis of click behaviour
  • Creating e-mail messages with the Smart Builder and Wizard
  • Personalising e-mail messages with contact details
  • Testing e-mail messages by means of message and spam control
  • Creating and producing forms
  • Scheduling and sending e-mail campaigns
  • Setting up A/B testing for your campaigns
  • Interpreting campaign results, forms, A/B testing, lists and contacts
  • Launching report-based follow-up campaigns
  • Optimising deliverability with the help of e-mail authentication

Who has this training course been designed for?
For new Flexmail users who want to get an overview of the wide range of Flexmail functionalities quickly and in a structured manner. To check whether this training course ties in with participants’ current level of knowledge and will actually be of benefit to them, we invariably enquire about their individual expectations well in advance of the course.

Practical training details
  • Duration of the training: 3 hours
  • For this particular course, a personal laptop is not required.
  • Prior to the session, we will organise a brief intake call to discuss your personal expectations.
The cost of this training course is € 700.00 (excl. VAT).

  • You will be familiar with the main Flexmail functionalities
  • You will have no issues importing, managing and segmenting contacts by specific target groups
  • You will be adept at creating e-mail messages with the Smart Builder and Wizard
  • You will know how to check your e-mail messages for e-mail clients and spam filters
  • You will be able to create forms for various purposes
  • You will know how to create and schedule campaigns
  • You will be able to set up A/B testing for various elements in your campaign
  • You will be well able to read Flexmail reports and interpret campaign results
  • Via e-mail authentication, you will know how to boost your deliverability