Getting started with Flexmail

How to find your way in Flexmail?

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Discover how you can manage your bounces in the settings of your Flexmail account

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Display contacts

In this video we show you how you can change the overview of your contacts with the display contact setting

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Email Authentication

Discover how you can dramatically improve your delivery rate with the Flexmail email authentication

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Header and footer

Learn how to change the header and footer in you Flexmail email messages.

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PDF report settings

Personalize the comprehensive PDF report and determine the settings

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Test profile

Learn how to test your personalization codes in the preview of your message

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The Flexmail Approval Flow

If you're a retailer or agency, the Approval flow allows your sub accounts to ask the approval of the main account in order to send an email campaign

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Wizard templates settings

Dans ce vidéo nous vous montrons comment utiliser la configuration du wizard pour vos messages wizard

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Managing your unsubscriptions in Flexmail

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Importing contacts

Adding contacts from a file or with copy/paste

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Interest groups

Bring contacts with the same interests or characteristics together in an interest group

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Create new target groups with segmentation

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Subscription module

Create a subscription form for your website

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File & image manager

Learn how to upload and manage your images and files in the online Flexmail media library

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Flexmail forms

Learn how to create your own digital forms for invitations, requests and registrations with Flexmail

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Flexmail HTML Editor

Discover how you can import your own HTML code or design your message using the WYSIWYG Editor

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Flexmail message and spam check

Check the layout and content of your email message in all major email clients and spam filters

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Flexmail Smart Builder 2.0

In the Smart Builder you design your message by dragging and manipulating the different structures and content elements onto the canvas.

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Flexmail Wizard

Discover how easy it is to design email messages with the Flexmail Wizard

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Link tracking

Discover how to track the links in your email message with Flexmail

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Message management in Flexmail

Creating and managing messages in Flexmail

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Survey module

Discover how you can create extensive and professional surveys with the easy Flexmail survey module

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Flexmail Workflows

Create marketing automation campaigns

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