Flexmail online manual

This manual gives you a clear overview of the extensive functionalities of the email marketing platform Flexmail.
The menu of this manual (left) corresponds to the menu structure of the application. Here you can find the same functionalities and options. Click on the menu item or the plus icon to open the submenu. Click the minus icon to close a submenu.

Certain sections of this manual are not part of the basic version of Flexmail. It can be possible that these sections are not included in your Flexmail account.

The user friendliness of the platform is of utmost importance for Flexmail. The same goes for the manual. The functionalities will be explained step by step and accompanied by screenshots from the application.

Should you have further questions or would you like more information on certain functionalities, then you can always contact us by leaving a message through the contact form at the Flexmail website or via the number 08/969 00 30.