Building engagement and conversions with your audience can be complex, but the tools to manage that shouldn't be.

Flexmail is intuitive and grows with your strategy. And set-up takes days, not months, which means less training for your team and faster results overall.
Drag & Drop

Easy Email

Develop your own convincing templates and effective emails with our Drag & Drop builder. Tailor your message to your various target audiences via personalisation and conditional content. Measure conversions by linking to compelling landing pages in your own house style.

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Personalised customer journeys

Email marketing shouldn’t stop on conversion. Marketing automation allows you to send the right message to the right contact, at the right moment. Write your T&Cs, capitalise on your contacts’ actions and changes. Work flows make light work of complex scenarios that allow you to get the right message to your contacts at crucial moments.

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Dynamic Content

Mass mailing has had its day

A personalised, segmented email is an email that opens. Flexmail helps you to get to know your target groups even better. Make the most of pre-existing data to send out highly relevant emails that respond to your contacts’ individual questions, interests and website activity. Result? A higher conversion rate, fewer unsubscribers and a long-term relationship with your leads and customers!

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Get to know your clients even better

You’re on a winner if all your customer data come together. Connect via your CRM, website, help desk software or e-commerce platform. Looking for customer feedback? Design your own forms and surveys. Create a 360° profile of your contact within one tool and complete your database via an opt-in form with preference center. Besides that you can sync Flexmail with, for example, Piesync for a better database management.

Get more insights

An email marketing campaign isn’t successful unless you have the figures to show for it.
Look beyond open and click ratios. Our analytics will give you an in-depth insight into the performance of your email strategy. Get the right information to optimise your next campaign. We provide you with a comprehensive report containing all the data you need to identify, adjust and exceed your targets.