Ethical email marketing

Last updated: 17/05/2018

Flexmail is an email marketing platform used by thousands of businesses to send email campaigns to their own databases.

Flexmail is not an email address broker: Flexmail never purchases, sells or manages email files on behalf of companies or private citizens.

Why are so many companies using the Flexmail tool?

Flexmail is a smart channel that ensures optimum conditions for maximum email deliverability. The platform allows users to design emails and send them to specific target groups. The system’s ability to track links also means that users have access to detailed reports on open and click activity.

As emails travel from server to server, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that server controllers also read what you send out. On that account, we would strongly advise you never to include any confidential information in your Flexmail mailings.

Each email sent via Flexmail must contain your contact details and an unsubscribe link. In addition, we insist that our users accept our terms & service agreement, privacy policy, acceptable use policy and anti-spam policy.

Flexmail and the GDPR

The GDPR, billed to raise the bar in matters of privacy worldwide, will come into effect on 25 May 2018. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

Under the GDPR, businesses and organisations that process personal data of European Union citizens must be in a position to demonstrate that they have taken all conceivable technical and organisational measures to protect those data.

People who have access to personal data either have the capacity of data processor or data controller, each with their own responsibilities.

Your responsibilities as data controller

As data controllers, our users bear full responsibility for the data they collect and for the manner in which these data are protected. For instance, it is up to you to decide what information is uploaded to a Flexmail account, whether that processing is lawful and what email communications are sent to the contacts in question.

It goes without saying that the privacy provisions and principles contained in the GDPR go far beyond email communications. In that light it is essential that you, as data controller, engross yourself in the GDPR to ensure that you are fully au fait with all its aspects and with their relevance to your activities.

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Flexmail’s responsibilities as processor

From its very inception, Flexmail has always put great store by people’s privacy. As we see ourselves as precursors of respectful email communication, we happen to be looking forward to the arrival of the GDPR with its stringent data privacy and security principles.

An important part of our preparations, which started well over a year ago, was to review the existing processes and systems, procedures and documentation.

Even though most of the preparatory work took place behind the scenes, we are still toiling away on initiatives that will be visible on the platform too.

We supply you with the tools you need to prepare your email communications

Our team is currently putting the finishing touches to user-friendly tools that will help you to make your account GDPR ready.

How does Flexmail prepare itself for the GDPR
How can I prepare myself for the upcoming Flexmail changes?