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Divide your contacts into various target groups. In doing so, recipients who meet the pre-set profile and action criteria will automatically end up in the correct segment. With your subscriptions and imported/added contacts in the right place, you are ready to roll!


New to the database game or proud owner of a sizeable database already? Whatever the case, we will give you the tools to expand your contact database quickly. Make the most of your various touch points with the help of dynamic opt-in forms.

Via the Preference Centre, your contacts can easily specify their interests or preferences or make a choice between the various email communications. As contacts can change their preferences at any time, far fewer people will be inclined to unsubscribe while the deliverability of your emails and your sender reputation will rocket.


E-mail marketing becomes all the more effective if your campaigns are tailored to your contacts’ interests. The powerful Flexmail interface allows you to personalise your messages with the contact details you have already, to show content when your contact meets certain criteria only or to fully complete your content via your database. Thus you can rest assured that you are sending out campaigns that meet your contacts’ click behaviour and needs to perfection. Dynamic Content is about ultimate personalisation - on a large scale.


Get an overview of all your contacts’ underlying interests by saving their click behaviour and actions in your automation campaigns in your contact management. This will allow you to automatically create new relevant target groups for your next campaigns, to segment contacts and to personalise the content of your email messages.