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Setting up marketing automation with the Flexmail workflows

Marketing automation has become one of the major trends in e-mail marketing. The extensive possibilities that come with Flexmail Workflows will turn setting up your own advanced marketing automation flows into child’s play.

During this two-hour training course, our consultants will show you all the options this extensive feature has to offer. Via examples, you will discover how to optimally convert your strategy into workflows which, in turn, will allow you to optimise contact follow-up, save precious time and boost your conversions and ROI.

Training content
  • What does marketing automation entail and what are the advantages of the Flexmail workflows?
  • What situations lend themselves to the standard Flexmail flows?
  • Defining specific target groups via actions and program parameters
  • Running automatic SMS and e-mail campaigns
  • Sending out internal notifications once a contact has reached a certain stage
  • Splitting scenarios by means of queues and conditional blocks
  • Editing contact information, interest categories and preferences on the basis of actions and triggers
  • Optimising results by combining various scenarios
Who has this training course been designed for?
For marketeers who wish to raise their e-mail marketing strategy to a higher level via marketing automation.

Practical training details
  • Duration of the training: 2 hours
  • For this particular course, a personal laptop is not required.
  • This training course is hosted once a month, at Flexmail HQ in Genk.
The cost of this training course is € 150.00 per personne (excl. VAT).
No data available. Contact sales@flexmail.be


  • You will be able to create marketing automation scenarios in Flexmail
  • You will know how to tailor your campaign to various target groups
  • You will be adept at using actions and parameters to produce the correct flow
  • You will know how to optimise campaign conversions through automation
  • You will be familiar with the aspects that contribute to an effective follow-up
  • You will be well able to read automation reports which, in turn, will allow you to optimise your workflow