In our drag&drop builder, you can create stunning emails in no time at all and spend the time saved on playing around with layout on producing targeted content. Simply drag images, icons, calls to action to the right spot and Bob’s your uncle! Thanks to the Smart Builder’s pre-designed structures, you’re more than halfway towards creating the perfect email.

And when it comes to customising the layout of your messages and structures to your product or service... the sky is the limit.


As more and more emails are opened on mobile devices these days, it is essential that you optimise your emails for mobile devices.

Our Smart Builder takes the hard work of mobile optimisation off your shoulders. Each structure of your message is automatically adjusted to the width of each screen. If you’re working in columns, the columns are seamlessly displayed underneath one another as soon as the screen becomes too narrow. This automatically guarantees every contact an optimum reading experience, whatever the device he or she is using.

custom template

A personalised, segmented email is an email that opens. Are you looking for uniformity across all your emails, on each device, and for each email client? Then use our wizard, a clever tool that ensures you won’t have to rack your brains about layout or images.

The Wizard templates contain all the information about fonts and colours, message structure, not to mention dimension and location of the images. Your content is adjusted automatically: the text is displayed in the right font, at the appropriate place, and images are reduced in size and optimised during uploading.

All that’s left for you to do is to add killer content!

Landing pages

As no one can be bothered to read lengthy texts, it is essential to get your message across concisely and clearly. You can end your catchy email with a link to a powerful landing page featuring exclusive content or extra information about your product or service. At the end of your campaign, you can check the reports to see which contacts clicked your link so that you can subsequently offer each customer an even more personalised content.


Keen to tailor your message to individual recipients? Our contact-related content makes light work of that! Segmenting - by language, interests or preferences - means that your contacts will always receive a personalised message. One version for you and a unique message for each contact, maximum outcome with a minimum of effort!