customer journey


“Automatic follow-up of your prospects and leads”, sounds too good to be true? Well, as it happens, the Flexmail workflows will do all the hard graft for you. You are welcome to use our standard flows or build one from scratch to suit your own requirements. The flow ensures that your contacts receive the right emails at a time that suits them.


Set up relevant new target groups without any problems with interest labels. Capture the click behavior and the actions of your contacts and fulfill even more the needs of your customer base. With interest labels you launch effective campaigns, segment your contacts and personalize the content of your emails in an easy and quick way.


A prospect becomes a lead and, ideally, a lead turns into a customer. How can Flexmail help you here? Flexmail provides you with the tools you need to take your leads through the customer journey and to convince them that doing business with your company will be one decision they’ll never regret. Our intuitive workflows will turn devising scenarios that follow up your leads automatically into child’s play.


Until such time as we’ve perfected our crystal ball reading skills, Flexmail is proud to offer you the next best thing: web tracking, the intuitive system that analyses your contacts’ click and buying behaviour, which you can then use to chart your contacts’ interests. Once you know what your contact’s interests are, it becomes all the easier to approach him. A win-win situation for both parties in other words!